The 4Civility Institute (Ireland) is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and has offices in the United Kingdom and the United States. The Institute has three major functions:


  • Develop, coordinate, manage and administer European and International PROJECTS to enable organisations to work together as partners in the promotion of International initiatives;

  • Develop its own ACTIVITIES, particularly in the area of specialised e-learning products and services; and

  • CAPACITY BUILDING - assist NGOS to build their capacity by offering NGOs, and their staff, access to a range of products and services including conflict resolution and mediation services.

4Civility Institute.Ireland, is a not-for profit institute dedicated to civility, ethics, alternative dispute resolution, mediation, restorative justice, and behavioral transition.  It often partners with 4Civility.US but is a separate company with two common directors and similar missions.

Senior staff at the Institute have coordinated and been involved in the development and implementation of various EU funded projects


  • Robotics and 3D printing – Training courses for the ‘New Age Technologies’

  • SMEs & eLearning

  • Entrepreneurship and Community Cooperatives (EntCoM)

  • Education - The Challenge of the Later Years - Life & Learn

  • SME Leaders and Sustainability: Deliberative Engagement (SME-DE)

  • Autism in Higher Education: Widening Access (AUTHEW)

  • Mediation Europe: EIRENE Project

  • ECOPSI (European Communication Professionals Skills and Innovation Programme)

  • CarEIn - Emotionally Intelligent Care in Health and Social Assistance

  • INMETT - Innovative Training Methodologies for Transport Trainers

  • eTimes - Training the Intermediate Management in European Social Institutions

  • ENE - European Network on Endometriosis


Staff have also undertaken many seminars/workshops and non EU funded training activities around the world including:

  • Workshops in Barbados on Preventing and Correcting Toxic Workplaces and Training in Restorative Mediation

  • Training in California for Healthcare Executives in Relationship and Conflict Management

  • Presentations to the International Institute for Restorative Practices in Hungary, Ireland, Bethlehem, PA 


The 4Civility Institute, Ireland believes that conflict is normal and can be positive if dealt with correctly and that bullying, harassment and violence are learned behaviors that can be prevented, corrected and reversed with proper training and tools.


To provide for the study of and training in conflict management and in training and services to prevent and correct incivility, bullying, harassment, fraud and other negative behaviors and encourage positive constructive relationships in schools, workplaces or other institutions.  The 4Civility Institute.Ireland provides best-practices skill sets, reporting tools and training in techniques to deal constructively with conflict, to correct and build proper relationships and to move all participants to improve personally and professionally.